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Healthy is not a Destination.

It's a Way of Life

Meet The Team


Advitha Ashok., Dietitian


Founder- Diet and Beyond

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Malvika Malhotra., Dietitian

Founder- Diet and Beyond

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Our Services

Weight Management

"Numbers don't define You & Your Health!"

Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition

"Nourish your body, that bears the Gift of Life"

Infant Nutrition

"Nourish the Roots for a Healthier Future"

6 months - 2 years

Medical Management

"Food is therapeutic when you make the right choices."

Pregnancy Nutrition

"Nourishment for Two beating Hearts"

Pediatric Nutrition

"Practices & Lifestyle is built in a very Nascent stage"

3 - 12 Years

Lifestyle Management

"Lifestyle changes are personal changes. Build your own healthy Lifestyle"

Post Pregnancy & Lactation Nutrition

"The Elixir of Life"



"Prime of Health and Changes - Physically and Mentally"

13 - 17 Years

No events at the moment

Nuances of Your Health

Assess Your Health Today!

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Our Blog



"No fancy food is the mantra"

- Tarun Bavanand (Lost 10 kgs in 3 months)

Diet & Beyond is everything what they say - I had an amazing experience working with them. I did many fad diets and nothing actually worked - came here with apprehension. Initial diet plans made me feel this wasn't going to work, because that wasn't diet to me, it was like me eating whatever I liked and wanted. But results showed. That is when I realise everything I believed was wrong. Their way of diet isnt diet - it is more of a lifestyle. No fancy food is the mantra. Altered very very minimal amount of my usual diet which was a piece of cake - oh, they asked me to eat cakes too. I managed to lose 10 kgs across 3 months. 10 kgs I am sure I will never gain back because of how sustainable the weight loss was. Its been 2 months since I finished my course & I am sustaining that weight as such. They taught me scale doesnt mean anything - so true. Thanks a lot for every bit of suggestion, motivation and pushing to get here. Really appreciate the work & effort you guys put in for me.

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