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Drink Enough Water - Here is why!

On this occasion of World Water Day, I thought why not share the importance of Water for heath and also why does everyone always link every health related issue to lack of water consumption.

I am sure you must have also heard this phrase, "because you drink less water" for n number of times. But do you know why do they say so? Let's find out today. But before that lets see why is World Water Day celebrated.

1993 was the first year when World Water Day was celebrated with the main intention of spreading importance of freshwater. It is about taking action to tackle the water crisis globally.

The solution to this global issue is not just in the hand of one or two or a few individuals, but in every individual living and using water for their personal needs. Sit back no more, save water and use safe water.

Anything too much or too less is bad. That's definitely true, not just with foods, but water as well. Let's find out why is water essential for our body, even though our body is made up of 60% water (percentage reduces with increase in age).

Ways in which Water works in our body -

  1. Regulates Body Temperature

  2. Helps excrete or flush out toxins from the body

  3. Carries Oxygen to cells

  4. Protects organs, tissues and joints

  5. Moistens tissues in the eyes, nose and mouth

  6. Aids in Digestion

  7. Prevents from Dehydration - in turn helping the brain function optimally, healthy cardiovascular system,

  8. Helps produce saliva

  9. Improves physical performance

  10. Helps in the absorption of Nutrients

  11. Boosts energy, in turn helping fight illness

  12. Promotes the production of collagen, thus keeping the skin healthy.

These are some basic ways water helps us stay healthy, so let's not forget to drink up that water. Some simple ways to stay well hydrated or drink enough water are -

  • Carry your water wherever you travel.

  • Set reminders on your respective phones to drink water.

  • Drink some water 1 hour - 30 mins prior all main meals.

  • Hydrate well before and after a workout.

  • Mark or make a note of how much water you have had on your phones or diary.

Make a difference to Save the water and drink Safe water.

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