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World Obesity Day (WOD)

What is Obesity?

WHO defines obesity as, 'an abnormal or excessive fat deposition in the body that imposes a risk to health'.

Risk factors of Obesity?

People who are obese are at a high risk of other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and even some cancers. Other health issues such as shortness of breath, gastric issues or discomfort, pain in joints due to excess weight, etc are also very commonly seen among obese individuals.

Obese people also have a high risk factor for the complications associated with COVID-19.

Root Causes of Obesity?

  1. Biology - Our body is mechanized in such a way that to protect it from starvation, it makes it harder for maintaining weight loss.

  2. Genetic Factor - Our genes are 40-70% accountable for developing Obesity.

  3. Lifestyle - Illness, Medications, Pregnancy, sedentary habits, etc can all influence weight gain among individuals.

  4. Sleep - Disturbed and lack of sleep can increase your stress hormones or disrupt the normal functioning of hormones, thereby causing a gain in weight.

  5. Healthcare access - A lot of them do not get access to trained healthcare professionals, and thus the lack of neglect increases thereby resulting in a poor weight management.

  6. Food - All over the world, the production and demand of processed foods is one of the major contributor to the rapid increase in rate of obesity.

  7. Mental Health - Some of the medications as well as mental health disorder have been identified as a cause of weight gain.

  8. Stigma - The discrimination and stigma of body shape has severe consequences for someone with obesity.

Mission of WOD?

  • Spread Awareness - Raise awareness on improving and understanding the root cause and taking the necessary steps to improve them.

  • Improve Policies - Create a healthy environment and building up a right support system in the health sector for the future.

  • Advocacy - Change the way the disease is being addressed and so are the people suffering from it. Take a stand and bring the change.

  • Share Experiences - Create a platform where individuals are allowed to share their experiences or journeys and allow them to inspire and motivate others on the same boat and work towards a common goal of a healthy life.

Management of Obesity

Management of Obesity may vary individual to individual. For the management it is essential to identify the cause of it and then take the necessary action for it's treatment. Some of the ways to manage are -

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Change of Dietary habits

  • Physical activity

  • Medications, and

  • Surgery

It is important that none of the steps to mange be decided yourself or under the recommendation of an individual or influenced by one's experience. It is best to get help from an expert in the medical field.

Nutritional Management

Nutritional management and diet may vary for each individuals but some of the aspects may be similar for all, like -

  • A diet low in carbohydrate. It is advised to incorporate more of complex carbohydrates over simple carbohydrates.

  • A diet rich in vegetables and fruits (types may vary if an individual has other comorbidities)

  • Lifestyle changes like - mindful eating, avoiding processed and packed foods, quitting intake of sugary beverages, using smaller plate to eat, managing your portion size consciously, avoiding fast foods, label reading before purchasing anything, etc.

  • Incorporating good amount of Protein. In case of opting animal based protein then prefer lean meat sources and use a healthier way of preparation. On the other hand, plant based proteins are also very good sources of protein if incorporated in right amount.

  • Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are the healthier options that should be included in the diet.

Following these and making them your routine and habit will start showing goof difference along with other personalized changed and recommendations given by your medical expert.

Did you know?

  • There are over 800 million people all over the world, living with obesity.

  • People with Obesity are twice at risk of getting hospitalized as people with Covid-19 positive.

  • There is a high possibility of 60% increase in childhood obesity by 2030, reaching to 250 million.

  • The medical cost for obesity has been rapidly increasing that it is expected to cost over 1 trillion by 2050.

This World Obesity Day, let's all act together, spread awareness, help and provide support to the people living with Obesity and bring a change in society that supports people of all sizes.

"Be the change to see the change"!

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