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Food for Love! - Do "Aphrodisiacs" actually add to the romance?

Love is a universal language. And today as we all celebrate Valentine's day I am sure most of you are looking for foods that should be part of your 'Valentine Date'.

Food helps you relax and unwind and that's why food is a very integral part of a date! Many people associate food with joy and warmth and it is rightly so because foods can affect your mood! Every food triggers an emotion, some nostalgic, some sad, some happy, and so on.

There is a list of foods that are considered "Aphrodisiacs" and that is what you are going to read about in this blog. Aphrodisiacs are believed to elevate sexual desires and sexual drive and are said to have an arousing effect. When it comes to aphrodisiac foods, all the senses come into play - aroma, taste, visual appeal. Some of these foods are also used as part of sexual play and fantasies.

What about these food cause the elevation in mood and drives sexual desire and does it actually work?

There are no evidence or research that proves that these foods work like magic on your sexual drive. But like I mentioned, foods tend to trigger emotions in people. So imagine if your partner cooks up or orders your favorite dish, it will arouse an emotion of love and desire.

But the list of foods that claim to be aphrodisiacs, is found to have antioxidants that improve blood flow and create a feel-good sensation. Some foods contain minerals that will boost libido. Not all foods have an immediate effect but consumption on a regular basis will sure increase the sexual drive, while some foods simply arouse you because of their appearance or texture. That said, if your goal for reading this blog is to find out how to improve your sexual drive, the answer is

  • Eat a balanced meal regularly. The sexual act requires stamina and endurance! Eating a balanced meal will help with that.

  • Staying hydrated is very essential.

  • In case you are stressed, make sure to find activities that will help you relax.

There are many famous foods that have made it to the top of the list of Aphrodisiacs and you will find these foods as a part of almost all romantic gestures and dates.


There is never a romantic gesture that does not have a box of chocolates in it (unless you are someone who hates chocolates). Chocolates are one of the most sold things, especially around valentine's time. Chocolates not only have a rich texture and pleasing aroma but also contains many minerals and antioxidants. And how can we forget the sugar rush you get from eating chocolates? Now isn't this a great combination for a romantic gift? Chocolates help you relax and unwind and also give you an energy boost with their sweetness. Fruits dipped in chocolate, center-filled chocolate, or a classic bar of chocolate will surely make your loved ones feel special!


When you plan a first date, for most people the first instinct is to meet at a café (this is for all the coffee lovers. In case coffee is not your thing, skip forward). The aroma of coffee gives a warm fuzzy feeling and gives you an immediate sense of comfort. The caffeine in coffee when consumed stimulates your brain and makes it active. This could also be one of the reasons why coffee is also one of the most sought-after aphrodisiacs.


Second to chocolate, one of the most desired foods for a romantic date is strawberries. Strawberries dipped in chocolate is the marriage of two foods that are universally accepted as one of the best combinations. Strawberry is packed with antioxidants and minerals and also has a pleasing flavor and aroma. Its appearance also has so much to do with its people-pleasing effect.


Raw oysters though not visually appealing are considered one of the best aphrodisiacs and you will see this food if you google for aphrodisiac. Oysters have a salty-sweet flavor and a soft texture that people find desirable. But there is no research to prove that oysters will increase libido.

There are so many more foods that you may find under the aphrodisiac category, but I am going to stop with these, simply for the fact that sexual drive and desire are affected by multiple factors and not just food. All the foods mentioned have their own benefits and you can consume them no doubt, but you probably might not find them working as a miracle sexual drive booster.

Want to read more on sexual health and nutrition? Click the link below to read -

What are the foods you think puts you in a good mood or seem to increase your sexual desire in the comments below!

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