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If you think this blog is about Miracle Weight Loss, then you shall skip this one, because it is not.

With an array of fascinating new diets in the market selling off like hot cakes, it is common that you are left wondering which diet is the best off the lot. Google gives you an answer to every other thing but this, because one search question gives you different responses.

“Quick Miracle weight loss potion. Keto diet for weight loss. Eat Rice and lose weight. Lose weight without exercise. Eat all you want and still lose weight.”

So now that google has boggled your mind, how do you find out what’s best for you?

Ask the expert. I am an expert in the field of nutrition by the way. Just telling!

DON’T "DIET"! Maybe the term "DIET" is jinxed since time immemorial. We decide to diet and say it out loud - “I AM GOING TO DIET” and it never happens. I’ll give a more relatable example. When we decide to diet, we take it as a fling. No commitments whatsoever. Just an infatuation. You have a sweet romance for a while enjoying every bit of your diet because you are in a daze. As days go by, monotony kicks in. You start to cheat on your diet a little. A pinch of brownies, half a slice of pizza, and before you know it, you are waltzing with Chicken/mutton Biryani and forget your diet. And then there are these fake promises of restarting the diet the next day. The next day never comes though. You do feel guilty about cheating.

And you junk eat your way through the guilt (I call it “The Guilt Diet!”)

You should choose committed eating (not dieting!) instead. You fall in love slowly and then feel committed. One day at a time. Get to know your eating pattern better. Understand your flawed diet. Try to correct those flaws. Take your time, no one is judging. Make one change at a time. Slowly, you start to enjoy your diet. Your relationship with your diet starts to go with the flow, not forced. You feel more committed and before you know it, you are in for it for the long haul. Your diet becomes an inevitable part of your daily life. No bitterness, no cheating, no beating yourself up with starvation. Just Happily ever after!

But like in every relationship you need that one best friend who will root for you and help you with the planning and plotting to impress the girl and motivate you until you succeed. But we are talking about diet here. Those who went off track, please come back. I meant to say, the best friend will be your dietitian. He/she is going to do all the planning for you. Push you to make some very impressive changes and Tada! You are now ready to be committed to a good diet.

So, coming back to the question. What’s the best diet?

It’s your choice. Committed healthy eating or just a Diet fling!

P.S: Is anyone confused if I am a relationship adviser or a dietitian? Yeah! I am confused myself. I know I am with no doubt, a dietitian, and now I guess I am a not-so-bad relationship adviser too.

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