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Isabgol Smoothie

Isabgol, the word that most of us know it as, the medicine that helps solve a lot of gut related issues. The true meaning of "Isap" "Ghol" is "Horse Ear" derived from the shape of the seed. The Isabgol seeds are usually found in cool and dry places because the husk of the seeds have an extremely high water absorbing property. This property of the husk is what increases the density of stool on consumption, thereby promoting laxation.

The generic name of Isabgol is Psyllium Husk. Psyllium is the seed, husk, plant and the crust all inclusive. The entire plant is a dominant source of soluble fiber (70%) and the remining is insoluble fiber (30%). Through mechanical milling the husk is separated from the seed which is the main ingredient of the plant. Therefore it is widely known as Psyllium Husk.

Like every food or ingredient, Isabgol also has its side effects when consumed more than the recommended amount. But I am sure no one would have thought that there are several recipes where Isabgol is used, so here is one for you.

Servings: 1 mug

Time to Prep: 5 mins

Time to Cook: 5 mins


1 cup Curd

2 tbsp Isabgol (Psyllium husk)

4 - 5 Mint Leaves

1 tsp Honey

Let's Get Cooking

  • In a mixer grinder add curd, isabgol, mint leaves and honey.

  • Blend it well till it is a smoothie consistency.

  • Pour it in a mug and either have it at room temperature or cool it in the refrigerator and enjoy.


  • Vegan - use jaggery instead of honey; coconut milk instead of curd.

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