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Our Story

Advitha 22 (
Ever seen passion create magic. Well, we did! Our passions were driven towards the same goal, ever since college days.
So Voila! Diet and Beyond took shape.
"If you think, a medicine that you take for few days can help cure you, imagine the potential of the food you eat each day. If you eat right, you wouldn't need medicines in the first place! " - This is our Mantra
With Diet and Beyond we are hoping to create awareness about how important diet is, in sculpting your overall health and well being.
No random diets from Google, no Miracle Weight loss diet, no Keto diet, Paleo diet. We create a plan Personalized just for you. 

We are the Diet Designers. 

We don't want you to fit in to a meal. We want your meal to fit you just right!

The Duo!

My passion for nutrition grew gradually. A year into graduation, I fell in love with the subject. I went ahead and did my post graduation and landed my first job in a renowned Cardiac hospital in Bangalore. There, I developed interest for pediatric cardiac nutrition. As challenging as it was, I grew even more passionate about the subject. By the end of 2 years of working, I decided to shift my focus towards Prevention of lifestyle diseases and Managing healthy lifestyle, practically through diet. Spreading awareness on these topics is something that I knew I would love doing. Diet and Beyond is the result of that passion. I have always lived by one saying - "To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an Art!" 
Advitha Ashok., Msc, Dietitian
Founder - Diet and Beyond
Specialities: Pediatric Nutrition, Weight Management, Cardiac & Renal Nutrition, Diabetes Management

Nutrition, a passion turned career, a dream turned reality. I pursued my graduation in the field of Clinical Nutrition followed by Masters in the same. It didn’t stop there, my drive for this field led me to do a second Master’s program from the UK in the subjects – Paediatric Nutrition, Obesity Management, Understanding Changing Behaviour and Public Health Nutrition. My aim is to serve every individual and spread awareness for a progressive and a healthy lifestyle.

I believe in - “Quality diet, Qualitative life.”

Malvika Malhotra., Msc (UK), Dietitian
Founder - Diet and Beyond
​Specialities: Paediatric Nutrition, Obesity Management, Understanding Changing Behaviour, Public Health Nutrition                                           
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